Strong APU Sales Helped AMD Catch Fire and Stay in the Black

Paul Lilly

After somewhat of a rough start to the year, chip designer Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) bounced back in the third quarter and posted a 7 percent sequential and 4 percent year-over-year increase in revenue of $1.69 billion, net income of $97 million on earnings per share of $0.13, and operating income of $138 million. All of these figures are higher than the ones posted in the same quarter one year prior, and that's in large part because of AMD's Accelerated Processing Units (APUs).

"Strong adoption of AMD APUs drove a 35 percent sequential revenue increase in our mobile business," said Rory Read , AMD president and CEO. "Despite supply constraints, we saw double digit revenue and unit shipment growth in emerging markets like China and India as well as overall notebook share gains in retail at mainstream price points. Through disciplined execution and continued innovation we will look to accelerate our growth and refine our focus on lower power, emerging markets, and the cloud."

AMD also increased its graphics segment revenue by 10 percent sequentially and 4 percent year-over-year, for which the chip designer attributes to seasonality in the add-in board market. It was a productive quarter for AMD, not just in terms of revenue, but from having released (finally) it's first x86 Bulldozer parts and setting a Guinness World Record for 'Highest Frequency of a Computer Processor.'

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