Street Magician Uses Projector to Bring Augmented Reality to the Real World

Maximum PC Staff

Just when you thought street performance could reach no higher pinnacle than a guy at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco jumping out from behind a hand-held bush , along comes Marco Tempest, a “virtual magician,” and “augmented reality.”

Tempest has a “Magic Projection” system , constructed around a laptop, small projector, PS3 Eye Toy, LED tracking markers, and proprietary software. While Tempest takes advantage of the idea that things technologically sophisticated come off as magic to the uninitiated, the effect is nonetheless pretty neat . (It’s also neat that he stands before one of Tokyo’s ubiquitous vending machines.)

Tempest has a whole bag of technologically related tricks. Videos for most are available at his website .

Image Credit: Marco Tempest

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