Streaming Video Set to Overtake P2P Traffic by Year-end

Pulkit Chandna

Online video will soon consume the highest amount of internet bandwidth. According to results of the annual Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast, global internet video traffic will surge past p2p traffic by the end of this year, emerging as the internet's biggest growth driver. Come 2014 and the internet will be ferrying 2 years of video every second. If combined one after the other, all the video to cross the internet that year would be around 72 million years in length.

Going by Cisco's predictions, the year 2014 appears to be an inhospitable time for stingy ISPs. Internet traffic will have grown by a factor of four by then, reaching 766.8 exabytes per year (one exabyte equals one billion gigabytes). “The nearly 64 exabytes of global IP traffic per month projected for 2014 is equivalent to 16 billion DVDs; 21 trillion MP3's; or 399 quadrillion text messages,” the company pointed out in its report.

Pretty much everything else that met Cisco's attention is also set to explode between 2009 and 2014: mobile data to increase by 39 times and advanced video traffic (3-D and HD video) by 13 times.

Image Credit: FiveTechnology

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