Streaming Video Increasingly Becoming Popular, P2P Declining

Pulkit Chandna

The popularity of streaming video has shot up exponentially in recent times , according to an article on ArsTechnica. And this growth has come at the expense of P2P traffic. British ISP PlusNet reported a 168% increase in streaming video traffic in the past one year ; Youtube traffic now makes up 6.5% of all its network traffic.

Various streaming video services, and not just Youtube, have found favor among internet users in Britain and that has driven people away from P2P. Furthermore, according to PlusNet’s Dave Tomlinson, people are turning to streaming videos as they want to access content instantly.

All ISPs unequivocally despise P2P traffic and some have even devised clandestine methods to suppress it. There machinations against P2P are always wrapped in the puritanical garb of fighting piracy. Although streaming services are also used for propagating copyrighted content, the percentage of such unauthorized content is nothing compared to P2P. So ISPs might not have a moral pretext to combat streaming video, if it becomes as popular as P2P.

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