Streaming Internet Radio Room-to-Room


My PC is in my home office and my home theater system is in my living room about 30 feet away. I like to listen to jazz but my local jazz radio station changed format so I started listening to jazz streamed over the Internet on my PC. I would like to stream this music to my home theater system. I already have a CAT-6 cable strung from my router to the DVR in my living room for on-demand TV. I’ve tried to sort through all the streaming devices available but have only managed to be confused and overwhelmed by the features and specifications. I wouldn’t mind streaming video too, but that is not my priority. A unit that will play Blu-ray discs is an acceptable option as all I have on my home theater system is CD/DVD, but, again, that is not a priority. Can you suggest some viable options for me? Thanks a heap!

—David Winokur

David, if you’re looking to stream Internet radio to a single room, plenty of devices fit the bill. One of our new favorites is Logitech’s Squeezebox Touch . This box can easily operate on your existing Wi-Fi network (music streaming doesn’t consume much bandwidth), or you can make a hard-wired connection by disconnecting the CAT-6 cable from your DVR, plugging that cable into a desktop switch (e.g., D-Link’s DGS-2205), and then plugging both the Squeezebox and the DVR into the switch. The Squeezebox Touch has optical and coaxial digital outputs, if you want to take advantage of the DAC in your home-theater system, or you can use the onboard DAC and pipe analog stereo to your system.

If you’re looking for a multiroom music solution, it’s hard to beat the Sonos Digital Music System. The Squeezebox can do multiroom, too, but Sonos does the best job of synchronizing playback in multiple rooms to eliminate audio delays.

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