Strange Saga Continues: John McAfee's Island Home Burns to the Ground

Paul Lilly

Antivirus founder's wild ride isn't over.

John McAfee , the British-American programmer who used to work for NASA before founding McAfee Associates ( now owned by Intel ), a computer antivirus company, no longer has a home in Belize. Apparently his island abode burned down last Thursday amid circumstances he deemed "suspicious," according to a report.

"I believe that there are a select few with great power in Belize that will go to great lengths to harm me," McAfee told . "This fire was not just a strange coincidence."

The keyword there is "strange," which appropriately describes McAfee's descent from a wealthy antivirus entrepreneur to a man who faked a heart attack after fleeing Belize, where he was wanted for questioning in a murder case involving his neighbor, and making his way to Guatemala . It was there that he played the " crazy card " to avoid being deported to Belize and was ultimately put on a plane headed for the U.S.

Two main structures belonging to McAfee burned to the ground, each one valued at around $250,000. It's being classified as a bush fire, though McAfee suspects foul play on the part of Belizean authorities, who he maintains are out to do him harm.

According to McAfee's official blog , an investment group was about to close a deal in the next few days to purchase his property.

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