Store 10 Hours of HD Video on Patriot's New 64GB SDXC Memory Card

Paul Lilly

For those of you who answered wrong when we asked this same question yesterday (see here ), which would you rather have, storage or performance? If you answered both, you cheated and looked at the answer, but you're also correct. And like the massive memory kit just linked, Patriot tackles both fronts with its new 64GB SDXC memory card, the flagship model in the company's LX Series.

"The LX Series Class 10 SDXC memory cards are another example of how Patriot provides cutting edge solutions to end users and channel partners," states Les Henry, Vice President of Engineering at Patriot. "Our LX Series Class 10 SDXC cards provide the capacity and performance required by consumers for extended HD-video recording and rapid still image photography. Capture every image or video without missing a moment."

Or without running out of room. According to Patriot, its 64GB card can store over 10 hours of Full HD video. And because it's a Class 10 card, it comes rated at 10MB/s write and 25MB/s read speeds with a bus interface of up to 104MB/s.

The LX Series is available now, with the 64GB carrying an MSRP of $350.

Image Credit: Patriot

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