StoraDrive Gives Your Unused Hard Drives a Happy Home

Paul Lilly

Whether you're a power user always upgrading your hardware or an IT admin, we're willing to bet you have a spare hard drive or three laying around. And in most cases, they're out in the open or tossed in a box of electronics. Sound familiar? If so, maybe NewerTech's StoraDrive is what you've been needing.

The StoraDrive is a stackable anti-static case for housing your unused hard drives. Think of it as Tupperware for HDDs, only it looks a lot cooler and they're less likely to come tumbling down if you stack them on top of each other.

Each drawer runs $10 and comes with a label on the front. It's made of injection molded ABS plastic, has non-skid rubber feet, and it fits any standard 3.5-inch hard drive, be it PATA or SATA. What you won't find, however, are any USB ports or other connectors for hooking up to your PC - the StoraDrive is strictly a storage container.

Could you see yourself using something like this, or do you think NewerTech is attacking a problem that doesn't exist?

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