Stinky Footboard Controller Skips Past Funding Goal

Paul Lilly

It was close, but the Stinky Footboard Kickstarter campaign was ultimately successful.

Imagine using your foot to cast a spell or to kick an opponent in the gut when he charges so close you can smell what he ate for lunch through your monitor. Or maybe you'd step down when you want to crouch, jump, or sprint. These are just some ways you might use the Stinky Footboard , a PC game controller for your foot that recently hit its goal on Kickstarter with a few thousand dollars to spare.

The Stinky Footboard campaign drew interest from 479 backers who pledged a combined $79,562, surpassing the company's $75,000 goal. As such, the project will go forward, and we're told you'll be able to buy the peripheral in June for $119.

In case you missed our previous coverage, the Stinky Footboard is a 4-button gaming footboard with up to 16 game supported modifiers. The buttons use Cherry MX switches, which are nestled underneath heavy duty plastics, a steel U-channel backbone, and a T6 aluminum top plate.

There are no proprietary drivers to install; it's USB HID compatible, just like a USB footpedal. Unlike a traditional foot pedal, however, the Stinky Footboard comes with six spare replaceable springs and you can adjust the stiffness and responsiveness via the tension box. It also sports on-board memory to store active profiles.

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