Stinky Apple Supplier Shut Down Due To Terrible Odor

Brad Chacos

An apple a day may keep those pesky, prodding doctors at bay, but apparently, the odor from an Apple supplier’s factory is all it takes to keep nearby residents away. Catcher Technology builds those oh-so-sleek aluminum cases that give Apple’s laptops their distinct look, but Chinese citizens near the company’s Fenghuang City factory say they stink. In fact, things got so bad that officials recently temporarily shut the facility down.

Residents from the area told Computerworld that the smell exuded by Catcher’s factory was an unappetizing mixture of “chemical fertilizer and burning plastic.” Several people have reported difficulty breathing. The smell is reportedly so strong that it penetrates sealed windows.

On their end, Catcher Technology claims that the factory might be stinky, but it fully meets all air safety requirements. However, they aren’t simply ignoring the problem; the company is working on improving its exhaust systems and taking other steps to reduce the odor. Meanwhile, the government’s shutdown of the facility will remain active until state monitors can assess the situation and determine if the odor is damaging to the health of nearby citizens.

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