Stickam Shutting Down For Good At The End Of February

Maximum PC Staff

Stickam gives users until February 28th to download any videos stored on the service before bowing out of the live streaming race.

The live streaming scene is still very much up for grabs, but the barriers to entry are high, and the risk of YouTube simply squashing everyone remains ever present. Stickam, TwitchTV, UStream, and JustinTV were among the few sites with enough community to challenge Google, but suddenly that race is down one very high profile player. Stickam announced very suddenly yesterday that the site would be closing down effective immediately, however, users would be given until February 28th to login and download any videos they want to save.

Dozens of alternatives to Stickam exist, but ultimately for those left behind success will revolve around finding a niche and fortifying their communities. Stickam was a popular hangout spot for teens and emo bands, but this fractured audience must have been difficult to monetize, and ultimately the most likely theory is that they found themselves unable to foot the ongoing bandwidth bill.

If you posted videos anytime over the past seven years, we recommend going in and downloading anything you don’t want lost sooner rather than later.

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