Steve Ballmer Enjoys Downtime, Ponders Whether to Relinquish Board Seat at Microsoft

Paul Lilly

Microsoft's former chief is now unsure how long he'll remain on the board of directors

Steve Ballmer became of the face of Microsoft after being named the company's chief executive officer in January 2000. It's a demanding position, to say the least, and after 14 years at the helm, he finally relinquished the role, with Satya Nadella taking over last month . With his time suddenly freed up to think about things, Ballmer's been reflecting on what to do next and whether or not that includes remaining on Microsoft's board of directors .

He made the revelation in an interview with The Wall Street Journal , saying the decision ultimately "depends on how I see the rest of my life playing out." His initial decision to remain on the board was viewed by some as a controversial one to begin with, but this is Ballmer we're talking about -- it's not likely he'd let some soft rumblings get under his skin. If he leaves, it will be on his on accord.

Ballmer told WSJ that he's enjoying his first break after spending more than three decades working at Microsoft in some capacity. The long overdue hiatus has given the 58-year-old a chance to really reflect and ponder what comes next. While it's unlikely he would succumb to whispers questioning his decision to remain on the board, Ballmer did say that it feels different to just be a board member rather than a CEO. When the board met earlier this month, Ballmer said he was quieter than usual.

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