Steep Discounts Propel Windows 7 Pre-Orders to Top of Amazon Sales Chart

Paul Lilly

Microsoft's pre-order pricing for Windows 7, in which prices have been temporarily reduced by up to 58 percent, went into effect last Friday and the response has been phenomenal. Perhaps proving that potential customers would rather pay for software when priced the price is right rather than pirate, Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade, discounted to $50, wasted no time in jumping to the top of's bestseller list. Windows 7 Professional Upgrade, discounted to $100, claimed the No. 2 spot.

The surprise pricing was announced last Thursday and stays in effect in the U.S. until July 11, 2009, or "until supplies last." Consumers living in Japan will have until July 5th to take advantage of the reduced pricing, and those in the U.K., France, and Germany will be offered similar pre-order discounts starting on July 15th.

It remains to be seen how consumers will react to normal upgrade pricing once the promotion runs its course.

"The $49 initial price is a nice reward for loyal customers," said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst with Interpret. "But the 'real' upgrade pricing is way off for what the market will likely bear, especially during these economic times."

Participating retailers include (thanks to reader u217946 for the handy list):

Image Credit: Microsoft

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