SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Gaming Mouse Now Available to Pre-Order



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$160 is a decent VGA card. Give me a break!



Because all the top gamers use wireless mice....

This is what happens when your marketing monkeys play engineer. You get an overpriced piece of worthless shit.

Anything beyond 800 CPI is pure marketing bullshit. You won't be able to dial the sensitivity down enough to play some games with 8200 CPI.

"The Cloud." Now every marketing asshole on the planet is scrambling to find ways to hook every device on the planet up to "The Cloud," because that's the new hotness. Doesn't matter how impractical a solution Internet connectivity may be, the marketing department has convinced management it is a must-have. Your toaster needs to be connected to the cloud, so it knows how you made your toast yesterday. Very important.

This mouse doesn't have enough buttons. Fewer buttons = bigger profits.

So, in summary, get the Logitech G400s for $45 and forget all the stupid marketing shit Razer and SteelSeries spins your way.



I'm sorry, 16 hours of battery life? My current wireless mouse from HS, you plop in 2 AA batteries and it's good for close to a month (and I use the thing for 16 hours or more at a time, so, lol) so all I see is a pretty big fail in the battery life department.



Well by the looks of the pictures, it seems as though it has a charging mat. For that I'd assume it uses a rechargeable LiON battery, rather than AAs.