SteelSeries Announces H Wireless Headset for Platform Agnostic Gamers



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$300 for a headset ....

Wow, just ... wow. Good luck with that.

I can't stand cans on my head when I'm gaming. I have a full 5.1 home theater system set up in my gaming room and an AT2020 USB mic on a microphone arm with sound filters to keep the ambient sound from feeding back into the microphone. All that was around $450 or so street-price.

I don't know how anyone justifies $300 for two batteries, an input box a $1 microphone and two speaker drivers. Not that I begrudge anyone from buying one; spend your cash how you want!



For $300 you can get a pretty decent surround sound system for your PC or home theater! And spend like $10 for a cheap headset mic. Bet it'd be much louder and more fuller than any headset