SteelSeries Unveils World of Warcraft Wireless Mouse with Unlimited Profile Support

Paul Lilly

E3 isn't just about the games, it's also about the peripherals and accessories that go along with them. It makes perfect sense, then, that SteelSeries would use the E3 convention as a launch pad for its new 'World of Warcraft Wireless Mouse', a rodent co-designed with Blizzard Entertainment specifically for WoW players. It has 11 programmable buttons and an illuminated world Maelstrom design on top of a world map background with pulsating options "that help immerse players in the game."

"We brought to market the first MMO gaming mouse more than three years ago with Blizzard, and since that product launch, we’ve been working to improve and perfect what the MMO community has wanted and asked for – from the size and button shape to the hardware and wireless functionality. The World of Warcraft Wireless Mouse not only answers players requests, but we’re confident that it will impress players by arming them with state of the art hardware features and an exceptional user experience," said Bruce Hawver , SteelSeries CEO.

Players are able to assign all 11 buttons and multiple macros from within the WoW game interface. There are more than 130 preset game commands, unlimited profile support, and drag-and-drop functionality when using the SteelSeries Engine software in Windows.

Going by the numbers, the WoW mouse sports an 8200 CPI (counts per inch) sensor, 1-5mm lift distance, 12,000 frames per second, and a 3m wireless range. If the battery runs low or you simply prefer a wired rodent, the WoW can be connected via USB, SteelSeries says.

Look for this one to be available in Q3 for $130 MSRP.

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