SteelSeries Caters to R.U.S.E. Fans with New Mouse

Paul Lilly

SteelSeries feels pretty confident Ubisoft's upcoming RTS will be a hit, so they went and designed a mouse to prove it. The new Xai Laser R.U.S.E. edition will also appeal to lefties because of its ambidextrous design.

"The SteelSeries Xai Laser Mouse R.U.S.E. Edition is a perfect complement for R.U.S.E., an exciting new RTS game from Ubisoft. Introducing deception techniques like camouflage, decoy units and sabotage, the game lets players bluff their enemies and lead their nation's army to victory," SteelSeries said . "Offering an exceptional experience in-game, the SteelSeries Xai R.U.S.E. Edition enhances game-play and immersion with superior technical specifications and cool graphics on the mouse."

More than just a pretty face, the new rodent comes capable of storing up to five player profiles, including one that's already preconfigured for R.U.S.E. Other features include a true 16-bit sensor data path, 12,000fps, 8 buttons, 125-1000Hz polling (in 1Hz increments), gold plated USB connector, and an on-mouse LCD display.

SteelSeries says the mouse will ship soon for about $90. A smooth-cloth mouse pad sporting the R.U.S.E. theme is also being made available and will sell for $15.

Image Credit: SteelSeries

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