SteelSeries Announces H Wireless Headset for Platform Agnostic Gamers

Paul Lilly

A wireless headset that works with virtually any device

You may own a gaming PC, Xbox 360 console, tablet, and other devices, all of which pipe out audio. Buying a dedicated headset for each one can be both unwieldy and expensive. To get around that, SteelSeries today introduced its multi-platform H Wireless Headset with support for PC, Mac, game consoles, and a range of other devices via an array of inputs and outputs  including mini USB, optical in/out (S/PDIF), analog input (3.5mm, 3-pole), and chat output (3.5mm, 3-pole).

"SteelSeries headsets deliver three important things to gamers: great sound, incredible comfort and technology that makes it easy and convenient to use," said Bruce Hawver , SteelSeries CEO. "We have always prided ourselves on delivering exceptional audio for gaming. The H Wireless headset does that and takes it to the next level, bringing a world-class audio experience to every aspect of our users’ gaming and entertainment lives."

It's an all-black headset with contrasting glossy and matte finishes. It ships with a pair of 20-hour lithium-ion batteries, so when one runs out of juice, you can swap it out and keep jamming while you recharge the lethargic battery.

SteelSeries promises lag-free performance through a fixed-latency, frequency-hopping system that is continuous and automatically searches between available wireless frequencies. Other features include Dolby Digital, Dolby Headphone, and Dolby Pro Logic IIx technologies.

SteelSeries is taking pre-orders now for its H Wireless Headset ($300). Shipments are scheduled to take place within the next 15 days.

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