Steampunk USB Key is Full of Win and 100 Year Old Parts

Paul Lilly

We may have found the perfect accessory for steampunk fans who already own a steampunk USB charger and 8 foot tall themed case mod to match. If this sounds like you, then you'll probably be stoked about the ' Mechanical Memory key Number 3 .'

Carved from wood and utilizing pieces from at least 6 different pocket watches (some over 100 years old!), the designer, Rob Smith, claims he spent about 10-12 hours constructing the 16GB USB thumb drive. Adding to the aesthetic appeal, 26 rubies reflect light from the drive, and when plugged in, it glows green from beneath the gears "giving the key a good sense of movement."

So the question is, which is cooler - the steampunk USB key or Transfomer USB drive ?

Image Credit: Rob Smith

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