Steam Autumn Sales Kicks Off Today, Runs Until December 3



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Bought the last DLC to Dishonored. Didn't like the wonky pricing, that the one DLC was $6.69 while the Game of the Year Edition, which includes that DLC, was $13.59.

Bioshock: Infinite is tempting but 10 bucks might be more than it is worth to me. I'm still smarting from the 17 dollar smackdown that the horrid Tomb Raider reboot put on me a few months back.



Sweet! I missed out on upgrading DA:O to Ultimate during the Summer Sale. Not this time, got it for 1/2 off.




I'm going to play the "DO-NOT-BUY" card on this one...

Maybe you can spread the word and publish an article about it?

I bought a CD Key from Steam this afternoon for their "Ace Combat Assault Horizon" for my son. I already have one and it works. (I own two CD keys). Obviously, as I am writing... the new one doesn't work. GFWL is rejecting it. Moreover, this is a rampant problem being reported on Valve's Steam message boards RIGHT NOW.

Steam is currently ignoring the problem, using the copy/paste method in addressing an angry user base that simply wants to play what they paid for.
Microsoft is only giving a toll free number to call that is not answering currently.

This is unacceptable.

This is not the first time I have seen this behavior resulting from the lack of cohesion from these two companies. Both companies are effectively in the middle of a bona-fide fraud event and neither is choosing to own the problem.

This is how CC fraud charges get filed and the purest form of why game cracks exist. I don't crack my games. But if the game-crack users can play for free, while I paid and cannot play at all, why not just throw my hands up in the air and say "screw the developers."
They did it to themselves.

You want something useful to the end-user base to write about on MaximumPC? Write about that.

This Steam sale should be 100% avoided ... until ALL of the software being offered is guaranteed to authenticate against the (draconian) DRM servers preventing the receipt holder from using the software they paid for.


Led Weappelin

I use to collect vinyl records.

Now I collect games from Steam.

Many I have are still sealed and in mint condition.....the games that is.

Just ridiculous LOL, I just don't have time to play them all, but how does one not buy them at these prices?



Dam you Steam!! My Wallet is already bloody & sore from the last steam sale, and Doctors say recovery doesn't look good!



I'd love to partake but I live in a rural area and have to use a wireless hub for my connection. Downloading a bunch of games would put me way over my data cap and cost a small fortune. Oh well, maybe some day we'll get a real connection out here.



If you have a friend or relative that lives somewhere where there is a good connection, with a higher cap, maybe they will let you download off their connection and load it on a usb drive to copy to your machine later.


maverick knight

You do know that after you buy the game you do not have to download it right away, right? You can download it whenever you want.



problem is, I already have everything I wanted from the previous Steam Sales. Can't think of anything I would buy. Most games I'm looking forward to are either ones I backed in kickstarter (and most probably delayed) or yet to be released (like Might & Magic X)


John Pombrio

I keep adding games to my cart and Steam keeps telling me that I already OWN THAT. Oh yeah, I do actually. D'oh!


Led Weappelin

Me too. And boy am I glad they let us know that instead of buying again. OH NO....SHOOT!


John Pombrio

Especially the DLC stuff which DOES NOT show up anywhere in your library. I had to install the games to see that I had actually purchased them.



Son of a ...

Happy face for my game collection, sad face for my wallet collection.