Steam Summer Sale: Day 4

Brittany Vincent

More sizzling game deals

The Steam Summer Sale has been in full effect since Thursday, with a boatload of new steals and deals available each day. Today's summer sizzlers include Portal 2 for $5 (normally $20), Hitman Absolution for $6.24 (normally $25), and Fallout: New Vegas for $2.50 (normally $20).

Flash deals for today are Ace Combat: Assault Horizon for $9 (normally $30), Doom: BFG Edition for $5 (normally $20), NBA 2K13 for $7.50 (normally $30), and Impire for $5 (normally $20). Games up for the Steam community choice sales are Gunpoint, Torchlight, and Don't Starve. Up for grabs as the current community choice is Deadlight for $3.74 (normally $15).

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