Steam Potato Sack Indie Sale Offers Huge Savings, Possible Alternate Reality Game

Maximum PC Staff

While other companies roll out the savings to celebrate holidays and new game launches, Valve's themed its latest after the humblest and most unassuming of all roots: the potato. Then again, the simple confection's been instrumental in keeping humanity from dying of starvation over the years, so we think that might be worth a few slashed price tags. Gamers have quickly discovered, however, that this isn't merely some goofy Valve theme. Well, ok, it's still pretty silly, but apparently potatoes have infested each of the formerly spud-less games. Why? No idea, but there's already a wiki dedicated to it.

First off, the part you probably care about: not spending money. The sale covers 13 indie games – among them Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Super Meat Boy, Killing Floor, and AudioSurf. Individually, each game's only picking 50 percent of its normal price out of your pocket, but the whole bundle hacks off a whopping 75 percent. The bottom line? That's 13 excellent indie titles for $38.65. That's right. Reach for the “Add to Cart” button. It won't bite.

Now the weird part. Potatoes everywhere . Super Meat Boy now has a playable character named Super Potato Boy. The Ball's main screen is now a potato. Also, Amnesia's now sporting Eygptian hieroglyphics, because, uh, beats us. Fan theories, meanwhile, range from a Portal 2 tie-in (supported by some very GlaDOS-like messages in Cogs) to an incredibly elaborate April Fools joke.

It's all very... well, Valve. That's about the only way we can describe it. We're definitely not opposed to taking our cheap games with a side of baked, fried, or mashed intrigue, though, so we'll be keeping tabs on this. Just don't be surprised if Gabe Newell and co. are cackling maniacally to themselves as the Internet whips itself into a frenzy over freaking potatoes .

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