Steam Kicks-Off Massive Autumn Sale, Renders Black Friday Pointless

Maximum PC Staff

'Tis the season to watch in horror as your bank account whimpers out a pitiful final breath – tralalalala. That's how the song goes, right? Fortunately, as is its wont, Steam's attempting to make things a bit easier (or infinitely more difficult, depending on your inability to resist and pouncing on a perfect deal and savaging it like a rabid wolverine). Starting now and running until November 27, Valve's ubiquitous download platform will be rotating out deals so delicious that we've taken to calling this time of year “Excitedly-F5-Steam-Every-Morningsgiving.” The name could use some work, but you get the idea. Right now, standouts include Orcs Must Die for $3.74, Mass Effect 2 for $4.99, and Portal 2 for $10.19 – among many, many others.

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