Steam Kicks Off Its Annual Summer Sale

Brad Chacos

Hopefully you don't have anything planned for the next couple of months, because the Steam Summer Sale is here and chock full of the kind of price cuts that make competitors weep . Each of the next ten days will bring new deals and discounts on a wide variety of blockbuster games, indie games, game packs and more.

Every day through July 22, nine new titles will be pulled out of the pool, highlighted and given a particularly deep price slashing. (You can see today's titles in the picture above.) Other titles will be sold at a discount during the same time frame, and there will be random "Flash Sales," which discount a small handful of titles for a limited time frame -- you know, to keep you coming back and checking the site often.

There's also a "Community Choice" deal that lets users vote for which of three titles they want to receive a discount for a limited time frame. The title that gets the most votes gets a discount, with a new trial up on deck every 8 hours. These aren't second-tier titles, either; the current contenders are The Witcher 2, Saints Row the Third, and Batman: Arkham City.

OK, enough talk: veteran PC gamers already know how the Steam Summer Sale works, anyways. Consider this post more of a PSA than anything else.

Which games catch your eye? Good luck getting them, as the Steam servers are getting absolutely hammered right now and tossing up frequent error messages.

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