Steam Holiday Sale Kicks Off, Totally Upstages Santa

Nathan Grayson

Families eagerly gathering in celebration. Kids tossing and turning in their beds as sheer excitement overwhelms their very beings. Groups of people going door-to-door, merrily singing out of sheer joy. So, why all the build up? What could possibly inspire such fervent glee? That's right: the Steam Holiday Sale .

Ok, there might be some other stuff involved too, but how can you not feel the need to erect some form of decorative tree at the prospect of Battlefield Bad Company 2 for $6.79 or Super Meat Boy for $3.75? Oh, and let's not forget Fallout 3 and all its expansions for the irksomely non-round (but still great!) price of $20.09. Also irresistibly tempting: every Oddworld game for a total of $12.49.

And those are only today's deals. As with all things involving Valve and penny-pinching, the Holiday Sale's a multi-day affair, so you might want to make a detour to your PC on your way to see what's under the tree. And even if you miss a day, there's a mountain of obscenely buyable bundles that'll be around for the duration. How does every Valve game ever for $49.99 sound to you? What about eight of the best indie titles out there for only $19.99?

So yeah, Valve may not be the reason for the season, but you won't see us complaining. Also, an incredibly rare celestial event 's technically occurring on the same day as the beginning of Valve's sales extravaganza. Kind of like how the Holiday Sale's eclipsing everything else. Ok, we'll stop.

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