Steam Holiday Sale Goes Live With An Epic Giveaway And Lumps Of Valuable Coal

Brad Chacos

PC gaming is awesome. Steam is awesome. Getting free stuff is always awesome. Mix all three and what do you get? This year’s Steam Holiday Sale, which kicked off today. In addition to the usual savings, this year’s sale includes multiple daily “Great Gift Pile” challenges, which give you a chance to win additional discounts (and maybe even free games) every day. If you don’t win, you’ll get a lump of coal, instead, which sucks compared to a free game at first glance – but those lumps of coal are the key to the cool things being doled out in the Epic Holiday Giveaway.

How Epic is the Holiday Giveaway? How about “Every single game on Steam, absolutely free” epic? That’s what the grand prize winner gets. Fifty first prize winners will nab the top 10 games on their Steam wishlist; 100 second prize winners will nab their top five. Finally, 1,000 coal-holders will be given the Valve Complete Pack.

Every lump of coal you have in your possession at the end of the Holiday Sale on January 1st counts as an entry towards the Epic Holiday Giveaway , which is being drawn on January 2nd. You’ll also need to have 10 games in your wish list to even be entered in the giveaway.

If long odds aren’t your thing, you can trade in seven lumps of coal for one of those randomly generated discounts/free games. Reformed Scrooges can gift or trade any items they win from the Great Gift Pile challenges – be it a discount, a free game or a lump of coal – to other Steamers as their hearts desire.

Does the combination of deals and possible freebies make you more likely to boot up Steam and get to playing?

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