Steam Database Hints Halo 3 Coming to PC

Paul Lilly

Nearly five years after it launched to Xbox 360, Halo 3 might finally be headed to the PC.

A small pile of evidence leads us to believe that Microsoft is working on porting Halo 3 to the PC, though nothing has been announced or is even remotely official. That's the word news and rumor site Fudzilla has been hearing from "a number of sources," all of which say Microsoft is planning to release the five-year-old title using both their Games for Windows platform and via Steam. Could it be true?

We did a little digging on the web, and while we couldn't uncover anything concrete, we did find that Steam's database shows an entry for Halo 3 (courtesy of a forum post on NeoGAF ), along with a whole bunch of other upcoming titles.

Alternately, it could mean that Valve is adding Steam Community hubs for non-Steam games, but based on previous rumors , it seems more likely that a PC port is in progress.

Five years later, would you be interested in playing Halo 3 on PC?

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