Steam Autumn Sales Kicks Off Today, Runs Until December 3

Paul Lilly

Bad news for your wallet

There's a reason your wallet is cowering in the corner in the fetal position, it knows it's about to be gutted. That's the inevitable fate that befalls the funds of gamers each and every time Valve decide to hold a major sale on Steam, and today marks the beginning of Steam's autumn sale . Big discounts ensure you'll lighten your load of cash while you beef up your games collection with titles you may have missed out on.

For example, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is marked down 75 percent to just $7.49, an absolute steal for the amount of hours you'll log playing it. If you somehow missed out on Left 4 Dead 2 all this time, five bucks puts it in your games library. Other notable sale items include The Walking Dead ($6.24), Crysis 2 Maximum Edition ($7.49), and Sleeping Dogs ($4.99).

Steam will be marking down games as part of its autumn sale up through December 3. These will include daily deals, flash sales, and general discounts on thousands of titles. If you haven't down so in awhile, now would be a good time to update your Wishlist so you can be notified when a game you're jonesing for goes on sale.

Happy shopping !

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