Unveils Latest Fanless Mini PC



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Angel Shab

The manufacturer of computers and peripherals have been release new high-performance, small form factor PC LPC-630F.That Fanless PC performs as the device’s heat sink by dissipating any heat build-up.

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They should have invented the Fanless Fart Cooling (Beans not included in the package)



Now that I've stopped laughing... great package but the price is an absolute joke! Good luck with that Stealth Inc.



For that price, it should have a 4765T. The fanless i3-4130T I built for my wife has almost as much horsepower as the dual core "i7" they put in this unit.



Check out the Lenovo m93p! Attaches to the back of a monitor and has modern internals, ssd etc for 1000 bucs or so with a real warranty and it has mil specs. This stealth is so overpriced with soon to be two gen ago processor. I am thinking of using the m93p with two monitors at the office and it takes 0 space up! May even go with a surface pro 2 type of setup with a docking station as well to run my whole business. 2014 finally has options! As far as gaming, dedicated the only way to go, a dedicated gaming rig hooked up to high res monitor. Just forget the laptop nonsense and steam box etc. You need a 780ti to run the best games on a high res monitor.



Would be much more robust if it was based on an AMD A10 Platform. A 2k+ Price tag doesn't justify having terrible Intel integrated graphics.



No thanks. I'll stick with the Mac Mini which I can get fully loaded for 1,399.00 if I so choose.



Sweet small form factor system! I'm enamored with a fan-less system design. Horrible price tag, especially for a starting price. Only Core i7-3520M Gen 3 chip available on the product page, which is limited by the graphics core.

For the price it should really have a 4th generation i7 chip with 4400 graphics core or better. The i7-3520M is a 35watt part with 4000 graphics core and runs $350 -- they could have gone with the i7-4558U a 28watt part with 5100 Iris graphics core for $430 - or at least offer it as an upgrade, they are both 2-core i7 chips. The more powerful (and more expensive) i7-4600M has the 4600 graphics core and would probably fit on the board in this thing just fine too.

Like where their head is though!