Stealth Launches Handheld Sized Mini PC with Haswell Inside, 4K Capabilities



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At that price, it makes the Mac Mini look like a good deal.


John Pombrio

Agreed. For the life of me, I cannot see the use for shoving that much power into a box and limit how upgradable it is. You would have external drive, power supply, HDMI to DVI adapter, and other devices hanging off the box just to make it useful. Buy a bigger mini box and everything can be inside. Who would buy such a thing at this price?



That much power into it because it is the future of home PCs, but not at that price! Ouch!

* Who cares about DVI, it's unnecessary with DP and HDMI.
* When SSD become much cheaper, 2TB to 4TB for around 100-200 then these will be more viable.
* External drive? NAS or Online backup.
* Only reason small devices such as this don't replace gaming PCS are graphic cards. Intel is also making giant leaps in integrated graphics(I think broadwell is 40% jump).

This company must be on some kind of drug because at that price no ones going to buy those...

In the not to distant future though I am sure you will be able to buy small devices like these instead of processor, motherboards, and cases separately then just add how much storage and ram you need. We might even see external graphic cards.



If you're hoping for Intel to revolutionize integrated graphics then you've misplaced your hope. Intel has been the laughingstock of the iGPU world for years now and their half-assed efforts to improve aren't going to change that.



What half assed efforts? Broadwell should basically close the gap on mobile graphics by a big chunk.

Intel graphics have been fairly poor in the past, but things have been changing for them in these last few generations. Making leaps of 20% to 40% is considerable considering that all that performance is coming from on the processor and not a giant graphics card. Every generation Intel is closing the gap on mid level mobile graphic cards, and possibly desktop variants.

Saying a company full of professionals are doing a 'half-ass' job is silly.