Stealth Computer Promises Worldwide Hard Drive Situation Won't Impact Delivery Schedule

Paul Lilly

The flooding in Thailand and subsequent hard drive shortage has been covered extensively here and elsewhere on the Web, and it's almost always bad news. However, Stealth Computer, makers of rugged PCs and peripherals, is promising continued on-time delivery no matter what the situation is overseas. What's more, Stealth Computer says it has absolutely no plans to jack up the price of any of its base systems.

"Many of our customers have expressed concerns with regards to the hard drive shortages and how it may affect our business relationships" stated Stealth CEO, Ed Boutilier . "Stealth is not experiencing any interruption in the delivery of our standard computer products at this time. We are going to do everything we can to protect our customers and we are not increasing the cost to any of our base products."

Stealth Computer acknowledged how serious the situation is and that some industry experts are predicting a continued shortage extending into the second half of 2012. Still, Stealth says it's working closely with its suppliers and "remains extremely optimistic that the impact on our customer delivers will be minimal or non-existent."

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