State of Decay Game Leaves Steam Early Access Program



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The mouse/keyboard controls are good, especially with firearms. They're not so good with driving, where the analog thumbstick is superior to the left/right keys. Next request: full remapping of the keys and buttons. PC users play lots of different games, and it's a huge help if you can make them all play roughly the same way.

Great game, by the way. Just be sure to read some of the FAQs... the depths of the character system are important, but NOT easily discoverable. I got into a dead-end spiral, where my community had desperately low morale, and not enough resources to build it back up. At that point you're looking at either a lot of very tough grinding, to get back to viability, or a restart of the campaign. This game is a lot deeper than it looks, you can't just club your way through it.



One fucking word - MIDTERMS



Finally! Being old with a mundane job pays off!


Ghost XFX

A side order of refried brains grande with picante sauce, please? I'm in a festive mood...

Glad to hear that they dropped the controller only idea. It sucks not to try out games when they're seemingly opposed to PC gamers.

Now, GTA, it's your turn. Make it so!