State of Decay Available Via Steam Early Access Program Today



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It works great, but there are some problems with the contrast/brightness, also vehicle headlights and flashlight are too bright. It will only use 3 cores of your processor if you have a 4 core or higher. I get stuttering a lot because of this. The textures are low res, there's no AA or AF, and the menu and inventory is also low res... resolutions are limited, but 1080p and other wide screen resolutions are supported. The game will crash if you alt+tab too much. Steam achievements don't work either. Vehicle physics are lighter compared to Xbox version, they'll fix this soon. Keyboard and mouse works, but you gotta find the keys that work. The game is a very very rough port as it is now, but it's playable if you aren't too picky of console games. Oh yeah, no advanced graphics options, or contrast/brightness sliders. Only gamma and low/med/high/ultra presets. I wouldn't dare play this on anything below high though.



I have seen some forum posts that keyboard use is possible, but the controls are defaulted and cannot be changed in this version. It was in the Steam forums, so search there for more details.



You know what would be fun? A Zombie RTS. :)



they already do, its called zombie master, an hl2 mod, check it out. it was very popular before L4D released. but i agree, a mainstream one would be nice.



I'll give it a pass for now as the disclaimer clearly says it's not a final product but I have to say... The visuals are abysmal. Everything looks washed out and very little detail. Not sure why it's THIS bad since I've seen the 360 version and even that didn't look this bad. Hoping it gets better though.



I'd like to play a zombie game that isn't WarZ or DayZ or a scam of any sort.

Looking forward to it.



Try 7 days to die. I have a the alpha right now but its fun and its a mix of minecraft mixed with dayz. Its pretty fun, just waiting for the second update that expands the map and adds more zombie types.