Starz Pulls Back from Netflix Streaming

Maximum PC Staff

Online streaming behemoth Netflix has benefitted handsomely from its deal with Starz for exclusive content, but according to the Washington Post, that relationship might be on the skids. Starz has announced that beginning this summer, new first-run series (and later movies) will only be available on Netflix 90 days after it airs . This is a change from the current set up wherein many Starz programs were available for streaming immediately.

This is part of a larger trend that sees the content holders pulling back from Netflix, who they increasingly see as a competitor. In some ways, you can’t blame them. Netflix has inked a deal to produce its own content in the coming months. Showtime has also indicated that it will be removing some back catalog material from Netflix this summer.

It’s an interesting time for Netflix. They must prove to the market that consumers will stick with the service long term. If they can become indispensible, content owners might have to go with the flow. What do you think the Netflix streaming collection will look like in the coming years?

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