Starz Outlines its Digital Strategy Post Netflix

Maximum PC Staff

With Netflix’s 21.5 million streaming subscribers set to lose access to Starz’s content in February 2012, everyone has been left wondering what comes next. The company’s content catalog currently includes hundreds of movies from Sony and Walt Disney, including several original programs such as “Spartacus” and “Boss”. Will the company retreat back to the safety of established cable networks? According to Starz President Chris Albrecht they still have a bright future ahead of them online, but will soon be going direct to customers with an HBO Go-like application for phones, tablets, and other popular streaming platforms.

Albrecht described his decision to cut ties with Netflix as “a big boy choice”, and claimed that it would benefit his company in the long run. "We would have eroded...our core business," Albrecht said at the investor conference for his channel's parent company, Liberty Media. "Within two to three years the Netflix deal would have been a drag on Starz's earnings."

From what we can tell Starz is planning to offer access to even those without an existing cable TV package, though he was a bit unclear if this is the strategy he is actively pursuing, or simply what he’d like to do.

Would you pay for a separate Starz streaming subscription? If so what would you be willing to pay?

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