StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Not Quite All Terran, All the Time After All

Nathan Grayson

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty was originally thought to be a Terran-only shindig, but according to a recent Blizzard forum post , the Protoss are crashing the party. Just don’t expect the Terran campaign to be overtaken by a Zerg rush… of Protoss. Wait. We’re confusing ourselves. Please, take a bucket to this sinking ship, Blizzard Europe poster “Xordiah”:

“I won't go into details, since we don't give out information on the campaign of StarCraft 2, but I can confirm that there will be a Protoss mini-campaign that lets you control Protoss units,” Xordiah said. “This part of the campaign mode is of course way shorter than the Terran part, but it is very fun to have a very different playstyle to add even more variety to the game. I am sure every Protoss fan will love this part of the Campaign!”

“That being said, the Protoss mini-campaign will not prepare you for the multiplayer as Protoss, you won't be using all units or getting to know buildings and upgrades,” the Blizzard employee added.

The Protoss’ main course, meanwhile, won’t be along until StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void drops. And seeing as it’s the third piece of StarCraft II’s campaign, “ several years ” may pass before the stars align in the ‘toss’ favor again. But hey, there are worse things than waiting to play as some crummy old alien race with all kinds of neato warp technology that we barely even care about anymore.

Things like denial, for instance!

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