Star Wars to Ship on Blu-Ray in 2011

Paul Lilly

Good news for Star Wars fan who, after picking up various VHS copies, DVD releases, special edition DVD releases, and every other version of their favorite sci-fi flicks, feel as though they need yet more copies to add to their collection, they'll soon (and finally) be able to watch the classic series on Blu-ray.

"Blu-ray is the absolute best way to experience Star Wars at home -- in pristine high definition," said George Lucas , creator of the Star Wars saga. "The films have never looked or sounded better."

All six movies will ship in the Star Wars Blu-ray Box Set in Fall 2011, and of course you can expect plenty of extras, like documentaries, behind-the-scenes shots, interviews, retrospectives, and never-before-seen footage from the Lucasfilm archives.

As for price, that still remains a mystery.

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