Star Wars: The Old Republic Looking for Public Testers!

Nathan Grayson

You’ve waited and waited and waited, and you were prepared to wait even longer. Now, though, you can get an early hit of your next MMO addiction. Just head over to the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website , create an account, and – BOOM – you’ll… probably have to wait a bit longer, actually. But only a bit . And then maybe -- if the stars align in your favor – you’ll nab a spot in the game's testing phase.

Be quick about it, though. In case you hadn’t noticed, this game’s got everyone talking, and they’re mostly spouting one phrase: “I want to play this now .” LucasArts agrees with that assessment.

"Testing will be an ongoing process, and spots are limited, so people need to sign up early to give them the best possible chance of getting selected," wrote LucasArts.

So make like the Millennium Falcon and take a lightspeed leap over to the official sign-up page . Vominos!

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