Star Wars: The Old Republic Goes Free For Easter Weekend

Brad Chacos

Stuck all alone in Mobile while your family gets together in Memphis this holiday weekend? Don't get mopey -- if it's up to EA and BioWare, you won't be flying (Han) solo this weekend. The companies hope to entice hesitant gamers to the dark side with a free helping of Star Wars: The Old Republic. The doors are wide open until the end of Sunday!

If our slightly less than overwhelming review of the game combined with SWOTR's high sticker ($60) and subscription costs ($15/mo.) dropped you on the fence, this freebie window is a great way to try the game out for yourself and discover if you find the story-centric MMO to be more Jedi Padawan or Jedi Master.

No commitment or credit card is needed to give the game a whirl, but you can't partake if you've signed up for a free SWTOR pass previously. BioWare plans on storing Free Pass characters indefinitely, so if you decide to pick up the lightsaber again sometime in the future, your trial characters will be ready and waiting for action. Freeloading players do have some restrictions, however, all of which can be read about over at the Weekend Pass Free Trial FAQ page . (Hint: Don't plan on trading items with other players or exceeding level 15!)

Interested? Head on over to the SWTOR Weekend Pass page and sign up now. The offer started yesterday so you should be able to jump right in to the action.

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