Star Wars: Next Mass Effect to Include Multiplayer?

Nathan Grayson

If you're the type who likes to shoot first and ask questions later in your BioWare RPGs, then a recent job listing from the role-playing powerhouse might get your trigger finger itching something fierce. After embracing the other, more explosive meaning of the “RPG” acronym with Mass Effect 2's shooter sections, it looks like BioWare might be adding a full-blown multiplayer mode to Mass Effect 3.

BioWare Montreal – which describes itself as "working on Mass Effect, one of the industry's most beloved and acclaimed franchises, as we build our way toward becoming a fully self-sufficient BioWare studio" – is hiring multiplayer programmers, who are being asked to “take existing single player user experiences and make them multiplayer safe,” among other things.

When reached for comment , BioWare only replied that Mass Effect 3 is in the early stages of development, and refused to confirm or deny anything. Still though, the job listing seems like pretty solid evidence to us, so we're holding out hope. After all, we'll root for anything that could potentially allow us to blast Garrus in the face for each and every time he blew us off in favor of his precious “calibrations.”

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