Star Wars Galaxies Unaffected by Star Wars: The Old Republic, Will Run "Indefinitely"

Nathan Grayson

We don't claim to be businessmen, but even we have to say LucasArts' rationale behind Star Wars Galaxies' continued existence seems a little off. When asked whether the troubled Star Wars MMO would step down gracefully or take a lightsaber to the gut, LucasArts senior online exec Tom Nichols replied:

“We’re still committed to Star Wars Galaxies. A couple of things: a demonstration of that commitment includes a recent trading card game that we launched in August. It’s doing very well for us and we have a new expansion pack being planned for that."

“I think the market will definitely support [both Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Wars Galaxies]."

He also noted that the two games feature different mechanics, which he believes will attract different audiences.

But if you've never played either game, what can Galaxies throw your way to entice you to its shriveled up side of the force?

“Shortly we’re going to release a new Hoth encounter that recreates that classic battle in the Empire Strikes Back, and that’s exciting content for our Galaxies community, so we’re definitely committed to the product.”

A Hoth level. Added to one of the few Star Wars games in history that didn't already have one.

Galaxies fans, feel free to tell us why we're wrong/why we should die in a fire.

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