Star Wars Galaxies Players Not Taking Closure Well, Class-Action Lawsuit on the Way?

Maximum PC Staff

Star Wars Galaxies may have caused its fair share of anger – which led to hate, which led to suffering, which led to the dark side – but the galaxy spanning MMO was far from universally despised. Case in point: a contingent of Galaxies players who absolutely refuse to let their beloved virtual haunting ground meet its natural end . SOE, meanwhile, hasn't given an inch of ground, closing down a number of irate forum posts. That, however, may have given Galaxies devotees just the ammo they needed.

The game's ragtag rebel alliance kicked off its efforts by advertising a petition (which currently has 2750 signatures) to save Galaxies on the game's forums. In a nutshell, it asked that SOE take the oh-so-popular free-to-play route and also consolidate the game's servers. SOE, however, took offense to this new hope and struck back by deleting related forum threads and banning users, preventing said Jedi from ever returning. So, that's pretty much that, right?

Nope. Incensed players have allegedly decided to file a class-action lawsuit against SOE, taking aim at the relentless rain of banhammers thumping them on the head. Now, we say “allegedly” because the initial report came from VentureBeat, and that piece has since disappeared from the Internet. As of writing, we've yet to find out exactly why. However, VG247 and GamePolitics – among others – took the story and ran with it, so here we are.

At any rate, SOE's EULA states that forum locks and bans are perfectly allowable, so lawsuit or no, these would-be MMOpocalypse-stoppers are standing on pretty shaky ground. And even if SOE wanted to keep Galaxies from going under, it'd still have quite the sizable hurdle to leap in the form of an expiring agreement with LucasArts.

So no, Star Wars Galaxies probably isn't getting a second lease on life. But its fans' frothy mouthed dedication is a prime example of MMOs' appeal. For some players, Galaxies has been a home far, far away from home for eight years. To see it blip out of existence in the blink of an eye has to be utterly devastating. Places, memories, friends, communities – all gone. We can't blame SOE for pressing Galaxies' big red “END THE UNIVERSE” button, but neither can we blame players for desperately fighting to stop it.

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