Staples Lists 32GB Nexus 7 Tablet on Business Portal, Costs Less than 16GB Model

Paul Lilly

We hate to break it to anyone who recently purchased a 16GB Nexus 7 device, but it now appears a 32GB version is definitely destined to land in the U.S., and it won't cost any more than what users already paid for half the capacity. The 32GB version was spotted on the Staples Advantage website, which is the company's portal for business users, and it's actually priced a few dollars cheaper than the 16GB model.

Specifically, Staples has the 32GB Nexus 7 (NEXUS7ASUS1B32) listed at $248.37, the 16GB Nexus 7 (NEXUS7ASUS1B16) at $251.49, and the 8GB Nexus 7 (NEXUS7ASUS1B08) at $200.99. What that likely indicates is that Google is positioning the 32GB model to replace the 16GB version, as previously rumored .

It also all but confirms the existence of a double capacity flagship Nexus 7 device. According to the spec sheet, everything else is unchanged, it's just the storage space that's being upgraded.

Estimated availability is listed as October 18 (tomorrow), though as Android Police notes , that could be just a placeholder.

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