ST-2 Shooting Simulator for the Olympic Shooter in You


An increasing number of sports simulation products are becoming available allowing sportsmen world over to not only practice on them but come face to face with their flaws in real-time. Marksman Training Systems has given professional shooters the first ever shotgun and rifle shooting simulator, the ST-2 shooting simulator.

In fact, Russian and Slovak Olympic shooters have entrusted their Olympic medal dreams to this new simulator, which isn’t commercially available as yet. Although the company hasn’t disclosed the price, all you virtual marksmen don’t give up your wonderful Counter Strike careers because it won’t be as cheap as a copy of CS.

The simulator comes packed with elaborate diagnostic tools that will help you iron out your flaws. The affluent enthusiasts can buy the simulator, if they like, as it is designed for all skill levels from beginner till professional.

Image Credit: Marksman

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