SSD Prices Went Down, Down, Down 46 Percent On Average Over The Past Year

Brad Chacos

If you watched HDD prices soar after the Thailand floods and found yourself grumbling that SSDs should be cheaper, good news! Your wish has come true, at least to some degree. The hardworking souls over at The Tech Report and Camelegg have analyzed scads and scads of SSD price points over the past year and found that prices are down nearly 50 percent in that time frame, with several models now dropping below the vaunted $1/GB price point.

That's been sparked by competitive pricing wars between Crucial, OCZ, Corsair and Samsung, with a lot of the cuts coming from SSDs based around SandForce's super-popular controllers. The one stodgy holdout price-wise is Intel; various versions of its 520 series and 320 series SSDs cost more dollar-for-data -wise than any other SSDs on the market, with the 40GB 320 series SSD going for a whopping $2.31 per GB.

Even still, The Tech Report's researchers found that the average drop in price for SSDs over the past year was a similarly staggering 46 percent.  Mechanical HDDs still provide more space for less money, but if SSD costs keep plummeting like this, even mainstream computing could be in for a speedy solid-state future.

The full Tech Report report is full of all kinds of useful information, broken down by vendor and model and visualized in handy-dandy graph form, including the picture above.

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