SSD Players Reportedly Preparing for a Price War

Paul Lilly

Lower priced SSDs may be just around the corner

If you're not rocking a solid state drive in your system, there's a good chance the cost of entry is what's preventing an upgrade. Even after the various price drops in the past year or so -- SSDs are easily found for less than $0.50 per gigabyte these days -- they're still relatively expensive next to mechanical hard drives. Well, guess what? Word on the web is that SSD makers are preparing an aggressive price war .

News and rumor site Digitimes says it's hearing from "industry sources" that major suppliers such as Micron, Intel, Kingston, SanDisk, and Samsung are looking to outgun one another. With so many big players involved, Digitimes says "fierce price competition" will be the result.

The wheels are supposedly already in motion. For example, Micron is said to have reduced sales of its NAND flash chips to other companies in order to support its own brand Crucial SSDs with a goal to double SSD shipments sequentially. Kingston, meanwhile, bumped up its SSD shipments to 600,000 units a month and is competing with SanDisk and Samsung for the top spot in terms of volume.

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