Square Enix Hacked, Data For 1.8 Million Users Possibly Breached

Brad Chacos

A quick consult of the Chinese calendar says that we’re knee-deep in the Year of the Rabbit, but it seems a lot more like the Year of the Hacker to us. Fortunately, most of the LulzSec and Anonymous bru-ha-ha that dominated the summer seems to have died down, but Square Enix is delivering a hacktastic lump of coal to its customers just in time for Christmas. Yesterday, the company revealed that its servers had been breached an up to 1.8 million member accounts may have been compromised.

Fortunately, Square Enix says that credit card numbers weren’t stored on the hacked hardware, the AFP reports . Nevertheless, the actual extent of the damage is not yet known and the company has remained mum on what actual information was breached. The company shut down its Square Enix Members service one hour after learning of the breach. Geographically, 1 million of the compromised accounts come from Japan, while the remaining 800,000 hail from North America. European servers weren’t targeted by the intruders.

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