Sprint Sees Solid Sales to iPad Users

Ryan Whitwam

Sprint isn't actually selling iPads, but Sprint CEO Dan Hesse told GigaOm that it's seen brisk sales of its Overdrive 3G/4G modem to iPad owners. The iPad is available in a Wi-Fi-only flavor, as well as one that supports AT&T's 3G bands. Verizon recently began selling the tablet in-store bundled with a Verizon MiFi.

Both the Overdrive and MiFi are mobile data devices that create a small Wi-Fi hotspot. Consumers that are in areas with Sprint's 4G WiMAX technology have reason to pick up an overdrive, but that's only available in 55 cities. If anything, this just shows how anxious people are to get an iPad with mobile data that isn't tied to AT&T.

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