Sprint Rolls Out New Tiered Mobile Broadband Plans

Ryan Whitwam

The age of unlimited mobile data on Sprint has come to a close with the introduction of new tiered mobile broadband plans. Sprint announced plans to call off the all-you-can-eat data party late last month, but at least the plans now available are better deals that those offered by the competition. Users on tablet and Wi-Fi hotspot plans will have their pick of a few different options.

For $49.99, users of tablets and hotspot devices will get 6GB of data, which is more than other carriers. There are also lower tiers at $19.99 and $34.99, offering 1GB and 3GB of data respectively. A $79.99 12GB plan rounds out the new offerings. As usual, those going over the allotted gigabytes will be charged an overage, and in this case it’s 5-cents per MB.

Users of smartphones are currently off the hook and continue to enjoy on-device unlimited data -- for now. Any Sprint users out there feeling slighted by this move?

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