Sprint Kills Carrier IQ On Its Phones

Ryan Whitwam

The outrage over Carrier IQ was bubbling just below the surface for months before it exploded out of modding circles a few weeks ago. The diagnostics software is on many phones, particularly Android handsets, and is used to gather extensive usage data. After the public outcry, Sprint has announced that Carrier IQ will no longer be used on its phones, and will be disabled on current devices.

This is a startling about-face from the Now Network. Sprint was out in front of the Carrier IQ fiasco claiming that the software was essential to its network performance. According to Sprint, its carrier partners have been instructed to remove Carrier IQ from all future software updates. Even phones that still have the service running will not be sending the data anywhere.

Sprint users aren’t totally out of the woods yet, though. The carrier has also affirmed its intention to continue “evaluating options regarding this diagnostic software as well as Sprint's diagnostic needs.” Some replacement for Carrier IQ could be coming soon. Is this a ‘better the devil you know’ situation?

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